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Toxic or Nectar?

Is your life filled with nectar or are you surrounded by toxicity?

In an atmosphere that is already toxic; filled with fear and uncertainty, it is very important to note what your internal being is filled with.

There are 5 dimensions or zones in life one has to give equal attention to:

  • Work zone

  • Individual zone

  • Family zone

  • Social zone

  • Spiritual zone

These are like spikes of a wheel of a chariot, and if one tilts or falls the chariot collapses, the chariot here is symbolic to life force or sustenance of positive energy. While enough attention is often given to the work zone, one or the other 4 is likely to take a back seat.

Individual zone is about making time for self, exercising and eating right and if one is not doing the needful, it is a wakeup call!

Social zone is maintaining healthy social relationships and interactions, which is taking a beating what with restrictions of meeting and interacting with people at the personal level. This includes limitations to virtual interactions with office colleagues. Making the most out of virtual interactions is perhaps the call of the day!

Spiritual zone includes uplifting of the self by thinking/reflecting and implementing the knowledge of living life stress free, and of course this does not come easily, but definitely attainable with focussed sadhana like Pranayama and Dhyana.

Family Zone is perhaps the most important and often the most neglected. It is said that in any crisis in life, if there is solid family support, one can come out unscathed. However, with frustrations piling up, the easiest target to vent out frustrations are the people around, this includes both the nuclear family as well as the extended family. It is imperative, especially in these times to give enough importance to these relationships. Extra effort needs to be put in, to remove toxicity that comes with prolonged communication rifts and conflicts. Silence and withdrawals are killers and more harmful than confronting with an intent to resolving issues.

Comfort, joy, trust, openness, collaboration need to be the buzz words, a single thought has the energy vibration to either charge one up or leave one drained.

Thoughts can penetrate, reflect, refract, clash with our psyche, which in turn can be a gateway to illness, decreased energy levels and lowered level of work performance. However, with the right attitude, communication and intention, thoughts can create resonance, and synchronisation leading to bonhomie, self-growth and celebration. Can we all focus on increasing the nectar in our lives?

Author: Dr Sabita Prasad

Counseling Psychotherapist


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