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Second characteristics Non-judgmental Attitude.

All this talk of Immunity/vaccination has made me think.

The Russians claim theirs is already working well. Bharat Vaccine launch on Aug 15--JAI HIND.

Vaccination regarded as a boring necessity/familiar evil now ; importance forgotten.

What about vaccination boosting Emotional-immunity? Like physical inoculation; possible to inoculate against depression/ schizophrenia/anxiety/ suicidality?

What an Idea, Sirji?

Can serotonin transporter be attached to virus/targeted to do psychological good; without recourse to medication. Medication is largely benign/ proven good; but sadly, bad press.

If only wishes were ….!!!

Jokes apart; way forward lies with E-resilience.


1. High Self-worth

2. Non-judgmental attitude

3. Mindfulness

4. Emotional Regulation/+ve coping strategies

5. Flexibility

6. Strong Relationships

Spiritual Freedom

Today’s topic—2nd characteristic Non-judgmental Attitude.

--characteristic chosen deliberately--easy/no-brainer. Also, nice characteristic as specific to Sanskriti.

Swami Vivekananda (who else could put it better?) phrased it beautifully:

· Don’t criticize

· condemn

· censure

More in my next.

All feedback—forward/comments/suggestions/ criticism (particularly destructive) welcome!!

Author: Dr Lakshman

Consultant Psychiatrist



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