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Healthy mind, Healthy body!

A healthy mind is the precursor for a healthy body.

Did you know that mind and body are intricately connected at various levels?

These include, physical, biological, emotional, psychological, physiological, social and spiritual levels. This may sound mind boggling, but yes, it is true! Our body is the gross aspect that we can see and touch, however our mind is the subtle aspect that keeps the normal functioning of the body in place!

Psycho somatic Illnesses

Earlier it was believed that only certain diseases were influenced by our mind and our psychological status. These were called psychosomatic (psych -mind; soma-body) diseases where ill health arose due to an unhealthy mind. These included bronchial asthma (breathing difficulty), eczema (skin eruptions), stomach ulcers and blood pressure.

Every illness has a psychological basis

It is now believed that there is a psychological aspect for every disease! To put it in simple words if one is upset, fearful, anxious or stressed for a prolonged period of time and the issues tormenting him/her are not addressed in a healthy manner, then this can trigger a number of diseases! To name a few, diabetes, blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer!

Stress affects Immunity

Immunity involves the good soldier cells in our body that fight to ward off infections! Continuous stress and fear kill the fighter cells, thus reducing the protection to body from infections. Eg : recurrent attacks of common cold or flu are experienced in people with high stress levels

With the coronavirus pandemic playing around viciously what are you doing to maintain your stress and anxiety levels? Remember it is not just the virus, but a host of diseases that can set in.

Fear leads to inaction that affects the physiology of the body, however recognising and accepting the fear and taking action leads to a healthy mind and a healthy body! Are you wallowing  in fear or are you taking appropriate action?

Author: Sabita Prasad (Counseling Psychotherapist)


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