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Digital Eye Strain

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The recent shift in lifestyle is that we are locked indoors. This has posed new challenges. One of them is the forcible overuse of computers, laptops, mobiles and other light emitting sources.

These are however compulsory tools to continue our businesses , social interaction , education or recreation. Sadly we are overusing our eyes which are the most sensitive and vital of our sense organs.

The symptoms experienced by excessive use of screen is summed up as Computer Eye syndrome or digital eye strain.

What can one experience?

Burning of eyes, itchy and red eyes, brow ache, double vision, watering of eyes, blurry vision, headache, intolerance to light, dark circles, insomnia ( sleeplessness).

Why does this happen ?

1. Eyes are rested when we close them or watch a distance. Close work for long hours , causes eye muscles to fatigue

2. Excess staring at screen causes dry eyes due to reduced blink rate and excess evaporation of tears from the surface of eyes

3. Working in bad lighting and at night allows excess light into retina ( eye nerve ) and disturbs sleep cycle and leads to dark circles too

4. The electro magnetic waves are said to have degenerative effects on eye tissues causing early cataracts and age related retinal issues

How to avoid digital eye strain ?

1. Work in well lit rooms

2. Do not carry mobile or lap top into the bedroom . Wind up work 1 or two hours before sleep time

3. Keep the monitor settings low contrast , bigger font size and matching with room lighting

4. Keep monitor 24 inches away from eyes and slightly lower than your eye level

5: take breaks every 20 to 30 min

6. Blink consciously

7. Hydrate well and eat well balanced diet and exercise regularly

8. Use artificial tear drops as prescribed by your doctor

9.invest in good quality spectacles with anti reflective coating as per doctors advice

10 . As far as possible , limit screen time and engage in activities which don’t involve use of gadgets

Author: Dr. Jayashree K Bhat (MBBS, DNB - Ophthalmology 

Founder & Senior Ophthalmologist)


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