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Eyedentity is a compact Soft Specialities Clinic located in JP Nagar, the heart of South Bangalore. We are a health and wellness facility . In health we mainly provide eye care and skin care . Eye care services  - we provide comprehensive eye checkup , cataract and glaucoma screening, dry eye evaluation, diabetic and retina imaging and treatments. We conduct our LASIK and cataract surgeries at collaborated surgical setup which have state of the art facilities and world class standards
We have in-house opticals and direct partners with Essilor which is the worlds largest spectacle brand .
Skin care services  - We treat dermatological and cosmetology issues. To name a few, we treat pigmentation, acne, baldness, moles, scars, warts, chemical peels. We also have anti aging treatments with Botox and fillers
Our wellness services include Dietetics, Psychology and Psychiatry.
Our Services are executed by well experienced set of doctors with over a decade of experience in their areas of speciality.

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To endow people's eyes with healthy vision. 

To enrich people's looks by realistic and effective skin treatments.

To enhance inner health and outer looks by providing effective nutrition and mental health solutions.



To Prevent eye - skin, nutrition and mind disorders by awareness and education. 

To Treat when necessary in the best and holistic manner.



While executing our duties, we are bound by moral and medical ethics. 

We shall be transparent about our technology and products with our clients and value the right to information of each of our clients.


Our mantra is - PREVENT, CURE AND INNOVATE. And we live by it.

Unlike most health care facilities which undertake preventive health workshops as a marketing strategy, we perform it as a policy, passion and religion .

 Unlike most hospitals which focus on curing ailments we walk one step back, towards prevention and several steps forward to pioneer and adapt new technologies which can impact the society and bring in a healthier society. We have been one of the first centers to use Artificial intelligence enabled fundus camera to undertake mass screening of diabetic patients to detect early changes of Diabetic Retinopathy, which can lead to blindness if detected late and when more severe.

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